COVID-19 and the Construction Industry in Jakarta

Construction is currently one of 11 Vital Industries that has been permitted to continue operation during the current PSBB imposed by the Jakarta Governor. It does not; however, mean that this is without checks or policies in place. In order for construction companies to continue operation, there are a number of protocols that must be implemented and these include, but are not limited to the following:

Implementation of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) spread prevention protocol at work, including:

  1. ensure the workplace is always clean and hygienic,
  2. have operational cooperation in health protection and prevention of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) with the nearest health service facility for emergency measures,
  3. providing vaccines, vitamins, and additional nutrients to improve worker immunity,
  4. conduct regular disinfection on the floor, walls and building equipment of the workplace
  5. detect and monitor the body temperature of employees who enter the workplace and ensure that employees who work at work are not experiencing body temperature above normal or sick,
  6. requires washing hands with soap and/or hand sanitizers, including providing adequate and easy-to-access hand washing facilities at the workplace,
  7. keep the distance between employees (physical distancing) at least in the range of 1 (one) meter,
  8. disseminating information and suggesting/urging the prevention of Corona Virus (COVID-19) to be disseminated at strategic locations in the workplace; and
  9. in the event that an employee at work is found to be a patient under surveillance, then,
  10. work activities at work must be stopped at least 14 (fourteen) working days,
  11. medical staff are assisted by a security unit to evacuate and spray disinfectants on all worksites, facilities, and equipment; and
  12. temporary suspension is carried out until the process of evacuating and spraying disinfectants, as well as conducting health checks and isolation of workers who have made physical contact with workers exposed to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) have been completed.

As our staff, our clients and partners are the most important parts of our business, these steps are necessary to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

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